Ardcore Speed and Fab
From our humble beginnings in a dark 600sq. ft. shop located on the backside of an industrial park, we have relentlessly pursued one goal. To provide you, the customer, with quality and innovative products crafted by folks who still take great pride in what gets sent out the door. Sometimes in the rat race we call life and business we see some forget about that pride. Too busy chasing the almighty dollar or whatever the case may be, they all too often forget the value of a good handshake or the trust created with a satisfied customer.
With those beliefs in mind we are pleased to announce our recent expansion to better serve our valued Ardcore Speed and Fabexisting customers and potential new ones. Over the holidays, in near blizzard conditions we moved from our existing building into a new 12,000 sq. ft. Super Center. With the new facility we have added a full service department employing two full time mechanics who have combined experience of over 70 years. Granted they are obviously a little older but nothing beats experience and we have it! From the latest fuel injected models to the earliest road worthy motorized bicycles our mechanics have worked on just about all of them.

In addition to the service department we are currently ordering and stocking our retail parts showroom. Anyone who knows us understands we are passionate about motorcycles. Whether custom choppers/bobbers, stretched street bikes, cruisers or touring and yes even dirt bikes we plan to be your one stop shop for all your needs. At our store you will not find the cookie cutter t-shirts for your dog or a showroom full of foo foo apparel and nothing else. We will have some of that to serve your needs but our intention is to provide you with those parts and accessories that make riding your motorcycle enjoyable again. You do remember when these two wheeled contraptions where fun don’t you?

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4423 N. Shadland Ave.
Indianapolis, IN, 46226

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Last but not least is the expanded fabrication/machine department. In the new shop we have dramatically increased our capabilities all aimed at maintaining the quality we are known for while eventually eliminating turn around times on many of our fabricated products. We understand our customers concerns and issues with having to wait on that one last part to get their bike finished and we pledge to address those concerns. Don’t get us wrong, we are not complaining about being to busy as that is always a good problem to have, but again we understand your concerns. We are currently interviewing for additional talent and hope you can understand guys with the same level of commitment to quality that we have are sometimes hard to find.

By now you hopefully understand the name change as we thought long and hard about it. In the end we feel the new name is a better reflection of our goals and capabilities and assure you it only gets better from here!